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    Cal Batchelor
    Mike Kersey
    Leigh Higinbotham
    Brian Eccles
    John Lorenzo
    Ron Tuele
    Grant Gislason
    Vincent F. Evans (Composer / Musician & Producer / Engineer)
    Bobby Faulds
    Britt Hagarty
    Randy Reid
    Ed Attfield
    Jerry Adolphe
    Jim Smith
    Wayne Budd
    Michael Kaeshammer
    John MacArthur
    Clare Caldicott "Rabbit" (top 100,rock, pop, fusion, rockabilly, swing)
    Stephen Andreas
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Valdemar Horsdahl "Valdy" (Folk singer/songwriter/producer)
    B J Cook
    Bob Geddes
    Sean McCool (Blues & Rock)
    Terry Budd
    Tom Gough (country singer/writer)
    Keith Nesbit
    Buddy Glover
    Tony Thunderfoot ""Thunderfoot"" (rock and metal)
    Brian Newcombe (Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist)
    Jim Arnott
    Rob Lifton
    Paul Wainwright "the Paul Wainwright Band"
    Bill Zaalberg "DOUBLE DIAMOND" (Performed professionally for 30 years)
    Syl Thompson
    Dave Vidal
    Gary Lindsay (rock)
    David Foster
    Lee Oliphant
    Bob Roe
    Alex Stewart
    Russ Botten
    Melody Goy "missmelo" (full flavoured original)
    Paul Seale (Lead Electric Guitar slinger)
    Bob Brown
    Colin Wiebe "Colin Arthur"
    Bill Sample "Samp" (jazz, funk, R&B)
    Gord Clements (Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre)
    Dave Plume
    Fred Herfst