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Deb Rhymer is dedicated to the blues

Deb Rhymer is dedicated to the blues

Deb Rhymer has worn numerous hats over the years, from Bette Midler impersonator to daycare operator. But the one that fits her best is blues booster. Rhymer, a Victoria native, spends almost all her waking hours dedicated to blues, eith... Posted: Apr 30, 2016
Author: Mike Devlin
In this Article Artist(s) The Deb Rhymer Band, Deb Rhymer (Hunt)
Get Lucky with Tom Holliston!

Get Lucky with Tom Holliston!

I’ve always thought that someone should rhyme “Erik Estrada” with “vagina dentata” in a song, and it occurred to me, when I came late and awestruck to the solo output of songwriter and Nomeansno/Hanson Brothers guitarist Tom Holli... Posted: Sep 22, 2008
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
Author: Allan MacInnis
In this Article Artist(s) NoMeansNo, Tom Holliston, Showbusiness Giants
Absolute Underground #85 - XXX-MAS Issue!

Absolute Underground #85 - XXX-MAS Issue!

Oceanside85 has a new Darksynth album out Absolution and in here to spread the synth gospel to the masses Posted: Jan 10, 2019
Author: Ira Hunter
Published by: Absolute Underground
In this Article Artist(s) Chelsea Owen
Focus by Brad Nugent

Focus by Brad Nugent

Focus Posted: Dec 3, 2015
Author: Brad Nugent
Published by: Victoria Daily Times