An Audio History of Rock and Roll in Victoria

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Artist NameSong Name
The Wanted - VictoriaLa Bamba Rehearsal 1965
Wayward TrioChilly Winds 1963
The WEEDSNew Orleans is Sinking by The WEEDS
Wicked ShimmyNothing Personal
Wicked ShimmyWaking Up Saturday Morning
WolffWOLFF Live Sampler (floor mix 1986)
WT FlightcrewRunning Like A Cold Wind Blows
Zipper - VictoriaFooled Around "Live @ Harpos" 1979
Zipper - VictoriaCan't Turn You Loose "Live @ Harpos" 1979
Zipper - VictoriaWine Song 1979
Zipper - VictoriaAnother Boyfriend from the sountrack "In the Company of Men" 1997