An Audio History of Rock and Roll in Victoria

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Artist NameSong Name
Bowser MoonCity Girls 1980
Bowser MoonJackies Kool 1980
Broken HeartsThe Thrill Is Gone 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
Broken HeartsNext To You 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
Broken HeartsSweetheart 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
Broken MirrorKen's Funk 1972
Brothers ForbesThe Happening BC 1970
Brothers ForbesWhere Will You Be 1970
Buddy Glover TrioIntro to a night at the "Progressive Artists Society" 1959
Call EuropeWords 1983
Call EuropeEvery Breath You Take 1983
Call EuropeJeopardy 1983
Call EuropeEyes Of A Stranger 1983
CenterfoldWant You, Need You 1983
CenterfoldDizzy 1983
The ChimesRed Robinson Dance Marathon Les Vogt, Viscounts, Chimes 1962
CJVI AM 900Grand Opening Of CJVI with The Andy Anderson Trio 1952
Cunning StuntsAlone On The Run 1982
Cunning StuntsI Like It 1982
Drums & WiresMinds
Duke & The DucktailsBlack Slacks 1980
Duke & The DucktailsTwistin The Night Away 1980
Duke & The DucktailsSee Cruze 1980
Earth LightMemphis
Earth LightUp To You
Earth LightBobby McGee
Easy MoneyNo Stranger To Danger 1981
Easy MoneyStanding In The Shadow 1981
Easy MoneyGetting Lost 1981
Easy MoneyTake Her Back "Live"@ Harpo's circa 1982
Easy MoneyPlease Take No "Live" @ Harpos circa 1982
Easy MoneyLucky In Our Own Way "Live" @ Harpo's 1982
Easy MoneyIt's So Strange "Live" @ Harpo's 1982
Easy MoneyStop Messin' With My Heart 1982
EliteAfter The Gold Rush
Elmo WhiggettFifty Fifty 1978 (sample clip)
Elmo WhiggettWarmth Is Hello Yellow 1978
Elmo WhiggettBlues Ed clip "Live" McPherson Theatre September 1978
Elmo WhiggettLover Man clip "Live" McPherson TheatreSeptember 1978
Entrance - VictoriaValdez In The Country
Entrance - VictoriaDown To The Bone
Entrance - VictoriaYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life