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    Bill Zaalberg "DOUBLE DIAMOND" (Performed professionally for 30 years)
    Michael Kaeshammer
    Bruce Hurn
    Christina Southern "Chrissy Steele" (Rock)
    Ian McDougall (trombonist, composer, arranger, and clinician)
    Bryan Adams
    Jim Smith
    Lee Paterson "Lee"
    Valdemar Horsdahl "Valdy" (Folk singer/songwriter/producer)
    Mike Demers "Duke"
    Kelly Fawcett (Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock, Country, Reggae, Jazz)
    Ed Wright
    Damian Graham (i hit things....)
    Gord Clements (Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre)
    Cal Batchelor
    Janis Mullan
    Mark Reed (original folk/rock, light-classical, alt-rock)
    Paul Horn
    Jim Dix (acoustic roots singer/songwriter)
    Tom Holliston
    Jerry Doucette
    Tim Zurowski (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Fusion)
    Linda McRae (folk/roots)
    Mark McKee (Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues, Lead & Backup Vocals)
    Norman Davies
    Chris Thornley
    Larry Vincent (Blues, 50's 60's rock)
    Peter Karpuchin
    Bob Walshaw
    Ed Simpson Baikie
    John Booth
    RiCk MaY (Live & Recording Session Musician)
    Colin Wiebe "Colin Arthur"
    Jack Drysdale
    Fred Herfst
    Bruce Pooley
    Andy Gatey
    Richard Whitehouse (Jazz Piano)
    Art Wood
    Reg Wood
    Stan Cayer
    Zakat Zahir
    Gaye Delorme
    Danny W Latham
    Gipp Forster
    James Van Buskirk
    Tony Poulsen
    Monique Turgeon "Mony" (Pop, rock, folk, jazz standards)
    Bill Hay
    John Michael Borys "John Borys"