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    Paul Seale (Lead Electric Guitar slinger)
    Bernie Shaw
    Mike Pretty "Pretty-Boy Floyd" (Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Pop, Funk)
    Bill Sample "Samp" (jazz, funk, R&B)
    Ron Attfield
    Brent Truitt (Singer songwriter)
    Keith Nesbit
    Christina Southern "Chrissy Steele" (Rock)
    David Foster
    Tom Middleton
    Bobby Faulds
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Richard Moore "Dick"
    Brian Newcombe (Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist)
    Valdemar Horsdahl "Valdy" (Folk singer/songwriter/producer)
    Mike Stymest
    Dave Vidal
    Jim Smith
    Duris Maxwell
    Frank Alexander
    Norm MacPherson
    Lee Oliphant
    Bob Cadwallader (Traditional Jazz/Swing)
    Barry Newman
    Britt Hagarty
    Cal Batchelor
    Barry Jackson/Ensign
    Norm Winquist
    Alan Bisson (Blues & Blues/Rock)
    Buddy Glover
    Wayne Peters
    Ed Wright
    John Fisher
    Bob Brown
    Bob Roe
    B J Cook
    Paul Horn
    Bob Rock
    Harry Creech
    Norm Watson
    Brian MacLeod
    Art Demeulles
    Tony Thunderfoot ""Thunderfoot"" (rock and metal)
    John Demers
    Len Siemens "Lightning Lenny"
    Fred Usher
    Brian Eccles
    John Forbes
    Grant Gislason
    Darrell Danyluck