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    Mike Durrell
    Linda McRae (folk/roots)
    Glen Duley
    Tim Crow
    Andy Gatey
    Chris Prohom
    Jon Craggs
    Norris Peterson
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Dean Warren
    Dave Hopia
    Peter Bryant
    Tim Rath
    Randy Gabel
    Brian Howes
    Bobby Taylor
    Ken Thomas
    Mike Behm
    Bill Knight
    Ron Haywood
    Brian Newcombe (Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist)
    Steve Manning
    Susan Jacks
    Howie Vickers
    Steve Cross
    Art Horsman
    Steve Ranta
    Hank Leonhardt "Hank Lionhart"
    Ed Baarda
    Wayne Kozak
    Bryn Badel (Trumpet and Vocals Jazz and Classical)
    Harry Kalensky
    Len Acres
    Rick Acres
    Tomo Vranjes (Rock,)
    Paul Horn
    John Gogo
    Bernie Shaw
    Daryle Sherman
    Grant Gislason
    Laurie Sherman
    Robert Grant
    Frank Morolatto
    Gerry Fox
    Art Kyllonen
    Brien Armstrong
    Jeff Neil
    Bill Aubert
    Don Kennedy
    Ed Gschiel