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    Mike Kennedy
    Mark Reed (original folk/rock, alternative, classical)
    Christina Southern "Chrissy Steele" (Rock)
    Ian McDougall (trombonist, composer, arranger, and clinician)
    Richard Church (Singer /Songwriter / Composer)
    Bryan Adams
    Len Siemens "Lightning Lenny"
    Richard Baker "Rick Baker" (rock,blues,folk,r&b,country)
    Syl Thompson
    Michael Kaeshammer
    Ron Tuele
    Steve Poole
    George Kilvington "Killer" (60's rock to present)
    Alan Bisson (Blues & Blues/Rock)
    Gord Clements (Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre)
    Rob Mickelson "RockNRoll_Robbie_Boy" (Guitar for Mainswitch)
    Richard Tassie
    Tom Emmens
    John Lorenzo
    Sean McCool (Blues & Rock)
    Allen Cottell (Gypsy Swing / Blues / Jazz)
    Bob Brown
    Darren Day
    Brian Newcombe (Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist)
    Norm Watson
    Norm MacPherson
    Bill MacDonald "Bill Mac"
    Doug Casey
    Lloyd Haskell (Classic Rock / R&B)
    Art Demeulles
    Alex Stewart
    Sharon Wadsworth "SP"
    Ilker Cinar
    Malcolm Cooley
    Tom Gough (country singer/writer)
    Richard King
    Bernie Shaw
    Buddy Glover
    Dean Paterson
    Norm Winquist
    Wayne Budd
    Murray Coell
    Bob Geddes
    Tom Middleton
    Mike Pretty "Pretty-Boy Floyd" (Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Pop, Funk)
    Norman Curtis
    Barry Jackson/Ensign
    Bunk McEwen
    Phil Rossner "Boz Roz" (Original Blues-Rock)
    Dave McAra