Rod Evans January 1, 2022

Rod Evans January 1, 2022

Rod Evans is a bit of a west coast legend. A guitarist for over 25 years and electronic craftsman extraordinaire, he has always tried to improve musical equipment. At fifteen he modified his first guitar, a Fender “Music Master” by building and installing his first handmade pickup. Soon after, he began building custom amps for west coast musicians. His dedication to uncompromised quality earned him a reputation as “the best tube amp technician on the coast.” Evans pickups were noiseless strat replacements and humbuckers made in Victoria by Rod. They were a bit of a flavor-of-the-week in the 80s, then made again in the 2000s after a gap, then stopped for good. While they look very mass-produced, all accounts seem to suggest that Evans built them all himself. With his vision to build the quietest premier pickups on the market, Rod created the Eliminator Series, and today, musicians around the world are happy he did. Sources The Gear Page and Synaptic Studios.

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To find out more about them and upcoming shows Click Here

To find out more about them and upcoming shows, Click here

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