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Friday Apr. 19th 2002

TerrifVic Jazz Party:: Wooden Nickel Jass Band, Dixieland Express, Blue Street, Mick Martin, Terrier Brothers, Igor's Jazz Cowboys @  James Bay Inn (All Ages) 3:30 pm
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Thursday Apr. 18th 2002

TerrifVic Jazz Party:: Dixieland Express, Igor's Jazz Cowboys, Swing City, The Big Band Trio, Titan Hot 7 @  Ocean Pointe (All Ages) 10:15 pm
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Wednesday Apr. 17th 2002

TerrifVic Jazz Party:: Dixieland Express, Desperation, CanUS Hot Jazz Band, The Big Band TrioVictoria Edelweiss Club (All Ages) 6:30 pm
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Friday Apr. 26th 2002

Fancy Boys United, all teary eyed like, present... ĦĦĦthe Gym Class Jerks' LAST SHOW EVER!!! Bahwhahoohoo.... sniffle....: The Gym Class Jerks, Andre's Last Chance, Attack, The SubvertsFernwood (NRG) Community Centre (All Ages) $4
8:09 pm
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Friday Apr. 12th 2002

Where the fuck else do you have to be that's so goddamned important tonight anyways, you waster?!?!?!: Dayglo Abortions, Betty Ford, Alcoholic White Trash, The ChafedDowntown Community Activity Center (All Ages) $6-$8
8:31 pm
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Friday Apr. 19th 2002

Saturday Feb. 23rd 2002