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    Kathy Westwood
    Gaye Gronow
    Rod McCrimmon
    Steve Cross
    Ron Flatman
    Norm MacPherson
    Bruce Wright
    Terry Watling
    Bob Lesher
    Norm Piercy (Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock, and Jazz Stan)
    Hank Leonhardt
    Ken Preston
    Phil Rossner "Boz Roz" (Original Blues-Rock)
    Brian Newcombe (Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist)
    David Foster
    Brian Eccles
    Duncan Meiklejohn
    Matthew Christopher Davidson
    Linda McRae (folk/roots)
    Alan Bulmer
    Bruce Wilson
    Peter Wilson
    Art Hobbs
    Dave Conway
    Gerry Karagianis (pop, country, rock and roll, originals)
    Gipp Forster
    Kenny McColl
    Paul Kype
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Rick Renouf
    Paul Hyde
    Peter Bryant
    Dave Robbins
    Valdemar Horsdahl "Valdy" (Folk singer/songwriter/producer)
    Dave Hill
    Rob Lifton
    RogĂ© Belanger
    Damian Graham (You play, I hit!)
    Glenn Parfitt (Music Historian)
    Paul Seale (Lead Electric Guitar slinger)
    Gene Hardy (Funky bluesy jazzy churchy!)
    Ben Henry
    Dave Harris "Slim" (Blues/Variety)
    Bill Johnson (Acoustic Roots n Blues)
    Dana Waldman (Acoustic, Folkie, Bluesy, Celtic, Humourist,Femist)
    Ron Martin
    Ron Lukawitski
    Dave Pretty (Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Pop, Funk)
    Ian Harris (U.K. Rock, Scots-Irish trad.)
    Don Cox (Any style)