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    Wendell Uglene
    Mark Kenny
    Brian Sharp
    Mark McKee (Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues, Lead & Backup Vocals)
    Ian McDougall (trombonist, composer, arranger, and clinician)
    Bruce Davies (funk, r&b, rock, smooth jazz, fusion)
    Karel Roessingh (Jazz, folk, pop and blues)
    Doug Stinson
    Brent Hutchinson
    Tony Poulsen
    Lou Bujdoso
    James Love
    Bob Miron "Boots" (2 fisted)
    Steve Keller
    Jo Ziccardo
    Doug Bennett
    Kat Hendrikse
    Leslie Law
    Vidar Skofteby
    Brent Shindell
    Rick McCartie
    Jerry Ringrose
    Zak August
    Paul LaPrice
    Dave Gagnon
    Al Sutherland
    Karri Sheed
    Jeff Mousley (Rock /Blues)
    Garth Downer
    Ed Gschiel
    Gowan Jorgenson
    Richard Stepp
    Jesse Hartline
    Steve Foster
    Ron Van Raamsdonk "Ronch"
    Lorne Campbell
    Terry Budd
    Matthew Webster
    Jeff Scott
    Rob Willow
    Daryl Rose ""Doc"" (Been Described as A bonam with an R&B feel)
    Craig Else
    Rick Cleghorn
    Jim Allen
    Dave Jarvis
    Brent Truitt (Singer songwriter)
    Jim Bond
    Kathy Westwood
    Gaye Gronow
    Rod McCrimmon